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Home Buying Basics For First Time Buyers

Are you a first time buyer that is curious about the buying process?

I love working with first time home buyers, so let me help you out.

To begin you  will need to have your mortgage in order.

I know it is exciting to start searching first, but home hunting without financial parameters can be a huge disappointment.  If you need help navigating the mortgage approval world, I have excellent mortgage brokers that I can refer you to and you can take your pick of who to work with.


Next we will chat about what your wants and needs are.  We will discuss the areas that you are interested in and why.  We will also discuss the type and size of home you are looking for as well as the “must haves” and the “not important” qualities of homes.  Surprisingly, as we start viewing homes, you may find that the “must haves” list changes, so keep an open mind.  Important details such as  school districts and commuting options will also be top of mind.                   

To assist you in your search I will show you what homes in the area have recently sold for.  I will also keep my eyes on homes we have viewed and discuss their selling prices so that you can remain well informed of what type of market you are searching in . 


As I get to know you, I will take you to see homes that you may not have considered.  Trust me on this – some of my happiest clients are ones that now live in areas and homes that they never would have known about unless I took them there.


We will chat about homes with future potential – especially if your budget is tight.  Although turn key homes are ideal for many people, there is massive potential in homes that need some upgrading and love.  I can help you see the vision of what a house can become and help you plan out what you can renovate to make the home perfect for you. There are incentive programs that help first time buyers fund renovations and with that in mind you may want to consider homes that need work.


The process to find your home is not always a linear process, but it will never be a confusing or mysterious.  My job is to understand what you are looking for and help you find it and purchase it. 

If you are thinking about starting your home search process but are not sure of where to start, please start with interviewing agents to make sure you are going to be working with someone you like and trust.

In the meantime, if you have any questions about buying please feel free to reach out.

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