Consider these Upgrades to increase resale value

3 Upgrades That Home Buyers Love

I show homes for a living.  

These are the top 3 things I hear from buyers when we are viewing homes.  

Not only do I hear these things the most often, I hear these things from all types of buyers:

*first time buyers

*downsizing buyers

*moving up buyers 

*buyers at all price points.


#1 Buyers Are Adding Up Expenses

Every single buyer is going through the home, no matter the price point or budget, and doing the math in their minds on the list price, potential sale price plus the improvements that are needed in the short term and in the long term.

One of the best things you can do to mitigate this is to provide a Pre List Inspection Report on your home by a licensed Home Inspector. Your initial Home Inspection will have things identified on it that can be improved in your house that are easy fixes. 

Fix them

The cleaner your inspection report is, the more appealing your house is to buyers. It gives them peace of mind that they can focus any necessary repairs or renovations with fewer surprises.

#2 New Kitchens Really DO Impress




No matter the price point.  

Buyers love new kitchens.

I understand it is not possible to provide a new kitchen when you are selling your home, (although you would be shocked to know of how many people complete their dream renovation and sell within a few years) but there are things you can do to impress the buyers who are viewing your home.

Replace cabinetry knobs and handles.

Replace appliances if they are old or not fully functioning (unless they are a high end appliance that require fixing, not replacing).

Consider new countertops to freshen up the kitchen.

Of course painting is the cheapest improvement that goes the furthest. A fresh coat of paint makes every homeowner (me included) wish they had painted sooner.

#3 Knock Out Floors

Buyers are always, every single time, looking at your floors.

If they are carpeted, they want to know what is beneath the carpet. They may even try to peek.

If you have carpet in the basement that is in great condition I will absolutely try to sell them on the benefits of carpet in basements ( I adore carpet in basements, it’s just so cozy).

If they are hardwood but in poor condition, they are considering the cost of refinishing or replacing. And trust me, they are noticing deficiencies.

If they are laminate, especially that grey laminate, they are adding the costs of replacing it with a higher quality floor. 

Buyers often make emotional decisions faster than they are making calculated decisions.  Knowing what buyers in your neighbourhhod are looking for is key to showcasing the sought after qualities of your home.  I can help you highlight your home’s value.  I have tricks and tips that always impress.  

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