Prevent Post Move In Surprises and Buyers Remorse

Home Buyers Checklist

Are you a first time home buyer, or seasoned home buyer that is currently looking at homes for sale? 

Are you going to Open Houses and surfing photos on real estate websites?

Maybe you are in love with the gorgeous new kitchen or you are lovingly admiring the new moody paint colours and wall paper that were staged just for house hunters like you? 

Are you swept off your feet by those cute bathroom vanities with back lights? 

Great.  Now stop.

What you need to know is that you have successfully completed the emotional buy in process to house hunting.

It is actually the easiest part of house hunting but if you stop here, you could end up discovering things about your new home after purchasing that could seriously impact your day to day enjoyment or even lead to buyers remorse.

This is preventable when you work with me to find your home as I use my custom “Buyer Due Diligence Process” that is a separate process from a home inspection by a qualified home inspector.

In my process I will help you identify the areas in the home that you may have overlooked bc you have been swept off your feet by the paint and the kitchen.

Some of this is seriously boring and may not be of any interest to you, but as many buyers can discover – those missing screens, or sticky windows, or missing fans, although not deal breakers, are often serious inconveniences down the road.

What Exactly Is the Checklist?

I won’t give away the details as I reserve this signature offering for my clients only, but a great example of something often overlooked is the location of the outdoor water access for hoses and sprinklers.  Is this a deal breaker?  No, but it can be a serious pain for gardeners if the hose attachments are in odd places.

This is fixable, as will be many of the things we find while we go through the list. 

Once you are well informed of  everything in the house you will have a very clear understanding of what you can live with, and what can will repair and potentially things that will make you cross the house off your list of contenders for buying.

Whether you are a seasoned home buyer or a first time home buyer, my process has helped numerous people through the home buying decision so that they can offer with confidence.

When working with buyers in Etobicoke, we could be looking at a variety of differnt types and ages of home. 

From recent builds, to mid century modern homes to older condos.

Not every home has the same considerations. 

My process will ensure that you have considered all aspects of the home before you make an offer. 

Reach Out To Prevent Buyers Remorse

My job is to improve my client’s experience when buying a home and to ensure they are well informed. 

I will watch you swoon over a well presented home.

But when it looks like things are getting serious, we will do the work to ensure your best interests are covered.

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